January 11-12: II Workshop Extracellular vesicles in Biomedicine

Welcome to the second version of the workshop “Extracellular vesicles in Biomedicine” which will be held at Universidad de los Andes on the 11th and 12th of January 2023.

In this opportunity, we will have the opportunity to share with renowned international scientists leading EV´s research in a double format: in person and also online!

Please join us in this insightful activity in which you will have the possibility to interact, learn and discuss about the latest findings on EVs in topics such as cancer, autoimmunity, transplantation, among others.

For more details and updated information visit: https://centerimpact.cl/workshop23-01/

Our preliminary program includes:

Day 1

*Clotilde Thery (France)

*Lesley Smyth (United Kingdom)

*Alejandra Chaparro (Chile)

*Francisca Alcayaga (Chile)

*Karina Pino-Lagos (Chile)

Day 2

*Patricia Rocco (Brazil)

*Enrico Ragni (Italy)

*Úrsula Wyneken (Chile)

*Patricia Luz (Chile)

*Sebastián Illanes (Chile)

*Maroun Khoury (Chile)

Plus short talks selected from the abstracts received, poster session, and a round table conversation to discuss about the use of EVs in the clinic.

**NEW Deadline for abstract submission: November 14th 2022

**Registration payment will open on November 2nd 2022


Universidad de los Andes
Centro de Investigación e Innovación Biomédica (CiiB) UANDES

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