At IMPACT, we seek to advance the development of regenerative medicine, such as cellular and acellular therapies and biomaterials.

Advanced and cellular therapies are the future of medicine.

The acceleration of the development of advanced medicines in the country, together with the existing national capabilities plus the new ones that IMPACT will incorporate, will pave the way for the arrival of advanced therapies to Chile, local or foreign, at least ten years in advance, generating a significant economic-social impact and well-being on the population and patients.

Moving into the future

At IMPACT we seek to advance the development of regenerative medicine for the treatment of osteoarthritis, pulmonary diseases, tissue regeneration, and autoimmune diseases. This includes cellular, acellular, and biomaterials therapies.

One of our main advances is using extracellular vesicles (small vesicles released by cells to communicate with each other) to combat knee osteoarthritis. The results obtained from the follow-up of the first patient in the world indicate decreased pain and stiffness and increased functionality, improving her quality of life and autonomy.

Clinical Trials Information