Cutting-edge science: IMPACT researcher collaborates with National University of Singapore

For six months, the renowned obstetrician-gynecologist of the Universidad de los Andes Clinic and principal investigator of IMPACT, Sebastián Illanes, has been at the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a visiting professor with the objective of strengthening contact networks and scientific collaboration in addition to promoting his research in perinatal diseases.

One of the researches he is leading corresponds to the search for biomarkers associated with pregnancy pathologies in patients who are at risk of developing diseases during pregnancy. “The importance of identifying these patients at risk allows us to develop prevention strategies that reduce the prevalence of the disease or its impact on the health of the mother and her child,” says the expert.

The facilities and technologies present in NUS are not found in Chile; therefore, this collaboration implies a great advance in the research led by Illanes. “This joint work allows us to be at the forefront in this area of obstetrics and gynecology and puts us on the world map of research in reproductive biology. This situation generates interactions and new contacts that allow us to expand the network of collaborations, which favors the research carried out and the formation of human capital”, he explains.

In this line, the researcher points out that the role of the IMPACT Center has been fundamental “by helping to strengthen this network through the allocation of resources to train human capital and strengthen the networks of other researchers of the center,” he says.

Undoubtedly, this visit represents a big step in his professional career and an opportunity for future collaborations, academic exchanges and joint projects between institutions.

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