Letter to the Editor of La Segunda: “At IMPACT we believe that the future of medicine should be within everyone’s reach”.

We share the Letter to the Editor published by the newspaper La Segunda on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, signed by IMPACT’s Director, Dr. Maroun Khoury on the importance of advancing in the development of advanced therapies in our country.

“Dear Editor:

According to the latest Cadem Survey, health is the second issue to which the government should give priority, after public safety. However, science and clinical practice are advancing rapidly and drugs, which have been the basis of treatment par excellence, are being left behind. The use of modified or adapted genes, cells and tissues has enabled the development of precision medicine, with which it is possible to obtain effective and personalized diagnoses and treatments.

More than sixty advanced therapies are already available in first world countries, often at unattainable prices. In Chile they are not available. At Impact we believe that the future of medicine should be within everyone’s reach, and, as a basal center funded by ANID, we are working to break this gap, bringing scientific advances closer to clinical application in diseases of high prevalence in Chile, such as pregnancy, cancer, musculoskeletal and mental health pathologies.

Initiatives of this type will make advanced therapies available in our country, but above all, they will be accessible, generating an economic-social impact and well-being for patients.

Maroun Khoury
Executive Director”

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