FONDECYT código 1211749​

Funding: Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo (ANID)​

“Impact of Horizontal artificial Transfer of Mitochondria on umbilical cord blood transplantation and its clinical relevance in Graft versus Host Disease”

FONDECYT Regular 1211749
Estado: Activo
Fecha de inicio/Fecha/fin: 1/03/21 → 29/02/24

Chile: CLP200,000,000.00

Status: Active
Effective start/end date: 1/03/21 → 29/02/24

FONDECYT código 1201420 Fernando Figueroa Elizalde​

“Mitochondrial transfer within the osteoarthritic joint: restoration of the dysfunctional stress-response and metabolic pathway in cartilage in-vitro and in an animal model of disease”

FONDECYT Regular 1201420
Estado: Activo
Fecha de inicio/Fecha/fin: 1/04/20 → 31/03/24

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